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Providing Vinyl Plank Flooring
to the Merkel, Sweetwater, Abilene, & Clyde, TX Region

If you are looking for a water-proof, durable, and beautiful flooring option, vinyl plank flooring is right for you. At Lone Store Supply of Abilene LLC, we offer a wide selection of vinyl plank flooring colors and styles! Browse through our options below or stop into our store in Abilene, TX to see our full vinyl plank flooring selection for yourself. Our location is a short drive from surrounding areas like Merkel, Sweetwater, and Clyde, TX!

Flooring Display
$2.75 /sq. ft.


Arcadian has a rich and pristine wood look. It has the widest and longest sized pieces of all our flooring, providing a premium appearance and feel.

Currently out of stock.

$2.75 /sq. ft.

Outer Banks

Outer Banks has a dark color and water-weathered appearance. The weathering on this flooring gives it a rustic feel.

$2.75 /sq. ft. 


Tavern features a dark and rich wood color, with no weathered appearance. As the name implies, it gives the feeling of a Tavern's wood flooring.

$2.75 per sq/ft. 

Glacier Park 

Glacier Park offers cool gray tones with natural wood grain to add a touch of rustic charm. Perfect for a mix of rustic and modern. 

$2.75 per /sq 

Pecan Ridge 

Pecan Ridge offers elegant, modern and  sophisticated twist to gray with light tone variations. 

$2.18 per /sq Sale- 15% Off 

Pub House 

Pub House offers natural wood grain look with variation tones throughout. To give you a one of a kind Pub house feel.  

$2.75 /sq. ft.

Weathered Barnwood

Weathered Barnwood has a varied dark weathered wood appearance. As the name implies, it gives the feeling of weathered worn barnwood.

$2.18 /sq. ft.


Monaco is a light grey wood in appearance. The name refers to the grey archictecrure and appearance of the city.

$2.18 /sq. ft.


Dark gray, with hints of black in the woodgrain. Mild variation throughout. 

$2.75 per sq/ft/ 


*20 mil wear layer
*5.5mm thick

$3.82 per sq/ft.

Honey Oak

*20 mil wear layer
*8mm thick

$5 per sq/ft.


*30 mil wear layer
*12mm thick

*Luxury flooring

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Fewer Repairs. Longer Lasting. 

Thicker Wear Layer

Durable and long lasting for personal and commercial projects.

Over All Thickness

Lends to a better feel when walking over the flooring, less likely to show uneven areas in the floor underneath. 

Thinner Wear Layer 

Good for rental properties, more economical. 

Pricing & Availability

Less expensive. In stock. 

Great Value - Competitive Pricing 

Our luxury vinyl plank flooring is easier on your budget, and your feet.

Several styles to choose from!

You can view what your new floor will look like in your home before you make your purchase with our new floor visualizer.

Options for home and commercial spaces

Different levels and types of vinyl plank can work for commercial stores, personal homes, rentals, or most other projects.